Motorola Adding the Moto 360 to MotoMaker in March

February 26, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

MotoMaker has had quite a bit of criticism over it’s lifetime, of about a year and a half. Many have said “what’s the point, just get a case” or something similar. But being able to design your Moto X (in this case) with the colors you want, capacity you want, materials you want and even have it engraved, is a pretty awesome thing. Now it may not be the selling point for everyone, but it’s an advantage that the Moto X has over most other smartphones. We heard earlier this week that MotoMaker was basically like a beta for Project Ara. Having a marketplace where people can put together their own smartphone with the materials they want, etc., now we’re hearing through an Interview with Wired that Motorola will be putting the Moto 360 into the MotoMaker next month.

So now you’ll be able to customize your Moto 360. That is pretty darn cool. MotoMaker will be relaunched in March, and users will be able to pick the color of their watch and the size and material of their strap. It appears that the case for the watch will be sold in black, silver and champagne gold (the colors currently offered), and the straps will be in two sizes in leather and metal. Finally, users will be able to pick one of 11 watch faces to be the default when it ships. That last part isn’t a big deal seeing as you can change it when it arrives on your doorstep. But it’s the little things.

As far as pricing goes, don’t expect the price to increase or decrease at all. I’d expect it to remain at $249 for the leather strapped Moto 360 and $299 for the metal strapped version. If that changes, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. You can head on over to Wired (linked in the sources below) to read the full report from them. It sounds really interesting and will be a big step for wearables, I think.