Microsoft Purchases Sunrise Calendar With Plans For Strengthening Their Mobile Software Presence

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For those that are familiar with Sunrise Calendar, news that the popular third party calendar application was potentially getting picked up by the teams at Microsoft for north of $100 million is probably something you’ve heard before. News of this possible acquisition by the software giant hit the wire just late last week, and after all the speculation it would seem that any uncertainties have now been confirmed by Microsoft themselves. Microsoft doesn’t seem to have disclosed any details at this time in regards to the price they’re paying for Sunrise Calendar, however it does seem that the deal is happening.

This could mean that we’ll begin to start seeing features of Sunrise Calendar rolled into Microsoft specific apps like Outlook and others, the good news is that there shouldn’t be any interruptions in the way of compatibility for existing and future users given Microsoft’s recent efforts to have open accessibility of their services to Android users. The video in which Microsoft had confirmed the deal was posted to YouTube earlier this morning but at this point in time the video has been made private, so perhaps Microsoft wasn’t ready to share the news of the deal, which seems like the only logical explanation as to why they would upload the video publicly for all to see only to make it private and blocked not too long after.

Sunrise is highly regarded by its users and many think of it as the best calendar app for mobile, so it honestly isn’t too much of a surprise that Microsoft should want to pick them up and bolster their own mobile offerings. Sunrise Calendar is a powerful application too though, and it integrates with other apps giving it some versatility, which appears to be just what Microsoft is looking for. For now Sunrise will remaining unchanged but it is uncertain whether Microsoft will leave the application untouched or if they’ll end up re-branding it and throwing in some of their own features to make it unique. Either way the app is still usable for now so if you want to give it a shot and see what you’ve been missing now would be the time.