Microsoft And Dropbox Extend Integration Out To Office For Android Tablets

Today Microsoft and Dropbox have announced that the previously rolled out integration of Microsoft Office and Dropbox that was available on smartphones has now been extended and rolled out to all Android tablets that the new Office for Android tablets apps are compatible with. Getting started with these new integration abilities is as simple as signing into your Dropbox account inside of the Office apps Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. From that moment on any docs, spreadsheets, or presentations that you create on your Android tablet will automatically backup and save in your Dropbox account in their appropriate folders making it easy to keep a copy of your important Office stuff without having to back them up manually.

The cool part is really the editing though, which allows you to hit the new edit button on your saved files within Dropbox, which then takes you to the latest Office for Android tablet apps to do the editing, and when you're done the new changes are once again saved to your Dropbox account. This makes things easier as you don't have to exit out and go back to either Office app to make changes if you're already looking at things within Dropbox, just tap the new edit button and you'll be transported to the app that needs to do the editing.

With this new integration being rolled out to the tablet versions of Office, Microsoft is taking full advantage of the cloud and giving more people a reason to work with their apps on mobile devices. The tablet apps are essentially just like the full version of the programs found on PC, and now with an easy way to keep copies of your stuff saved inside the cloud working on the go has never seemed this simple. All of these features should be live as of now for tablet app users, and if you already have the Office suite of apps installed you just need to make sure you have the latest version, as well as make sure your Dropbox app is as up to date as can be. Is anyone already using the Dropbox and Office integration? If so how do you like it?

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