Meizu's VP Says That Selling 20 Million Devices This Year Is Not Their Goal, Though That Will Probably Happen

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Meizu has been all over the news lately, for several reasons in fact. This China-based company surprised many people last year when they released a couple of really great devices and managed to sell lots of them, well, as many as they could make that is. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer has big plans for 2015, that’s for sure. They have signed an agreement with Canonical a couple of months ago, and they did the same with Alibaba a couple of days ago. The Canonical agreement basically means that we’ll be seeing an Ubuntu-powered Meizu device out on the market soon, and Alibaba is the biggest e-commerce in China, even worldwide based on the amount of merchandise they handle. The Alibaba’s $590 million investment will surely help Meizu expand their production capacity and move the company in the right direction.

That being said, Meizu usually sells 1 million devices per month on average, and they sold 1.5 million last month, which is this company’s record. Li Nan, company’s VP of Marketing and Sales, decided to release some info for us on his official Weibo (Chinese social network) account. He said that selling 20 million devices this year is not company’s goal, but judging by the way he said it, he believes that it will happen either way. If they’re able to maintain this 1.5 million devices per month tempo, they’ll sell over 20 million smartphones for sure. Meizu has recently also announced its line of smart gadgets, which will surely be selling well too.

Meizu is definitely making all the right moves thus far, they’re still not close to the biggest manufacturers in the world as far as smartphone sales go, but if they manage to keep this up, they will be in no time. This will be an interesting and exciting year for Meizu, they’ve raised significant funds that will help them improve their business, sell more devices and in the end, quite probably produce even better handsets than they’ve been doing thus far , though their offerings are really good. What are your thoughts here, do you think that the recent investments will push Meizu forward significantly this year? Have you tried out any of the company’s smartphones thus far?