Lumific Adds Dropbox, Snapfish Integration To Its Photo Gallery App

lumify app dropbox

Lumific is a photo gallery app that offers you the ability to sort and edit all of your photos automatically. The app has just added Dropbox syncing and Snapfish printing to its impressive offering. The Dropbox integration lets you add, organize, edit, and “lumify” all of your photos from your smartphone or Dropbox. The Snapfish printing integration allows you to order photo prints from Snapfish from within the Lumific app. “We wanted to create a full end-to-end experience with Lumific,” said Jonathan Wills, co-founder of Lumific. “It should be easy to be able to capture the memories that you want, organize and order actual prints. With today’s mobile lifestyle, you should have easy access to all of your images, be able to clean them up and print within seconds. That’s how our latest update is meant to perform.”

The Lumific app has over 50,000 users and offers one of the better photo gallery options in the Android ecosystem. The app will “search, organize, auto-correct and auto-enhance photos that are imported from your gallery, leaving you with an effortlessly manageable and highly intuitive mobile photo gallery.” The app actually does a lot of what Google’s photo service does. With this new update, Lumify will even make GIFs automatically by finding groups of similar photos, just the way the Google Photos app does. Lumific is a great option if you don’t like Google Photos or if you just want to try out something different.

Lumific calls itself “your personal photo assistant” and wants to make your  photo management easier. The app will search your photo for duplicates and remove them, group similar images based on date or location, and pick the best photos to show you. With this new update you can add Dropbox synchronization and order photo prints right from Snapfish. If you’re looking for a new photo management app with some powerful features, hit the source link below and check out Lumific. What is your go-to photo app? Do you like Google Photos? Or something else? Drop us a line in the comments and lets u know.