Looks Like Sprint Is Updating HTC One M8 And LG G3 With Android 5.0 Lollipop From Next Week

February 5, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If your name is Android 5.0 Lollipop or if your name is Sprint then you have found yourself hitting the headlines quite a lot over the last two days. That’s because it seems Sprint are on a massive push to get Android Lollipop out to as many devices as they can. This seems a little too proactive in all honestly and is clearly an attempt to beat other carriers to the punch. While most news focuses on when manufacturer will push out Lollipop to their devices, it seems we place less emphasis on carriers. After all, carriers will make a difference to when your device receives its update. AT&T seem to be notoriously slow in this respect and it looks like Sprint wants to be notoriously quick.

So this morning we heard that today both the HTC One M7 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 are both in the process of receiving their Lollipop OTA directly from Sprint. That is all well and good but if you are not a Samsung device owner or not carrying the One M7, then the news probably does not mean that much to you. That said, it seems there is confirmation of two more devices due to get their Sprint Lollipop update next week.

The first is the HTC One M8. This device has been in the news a lot recently over its supposed delayed Lollipop update. However, the leaked document (shown below) which made its way over to Android Central (source link below) clearly shows that the HTC One M8 on sprint is due to get its 5.0 update beginning February 13th. Following on from this, the document also shows that LG’s current Flagship, the LG G3 is also due to see its 5.0 Lollipop update landing on February 16th. So if you own either of these devices and are on Sprint then rest assured your update seems to be en route. Of course, the document might not be legit or things might change, but with the seemingly Lollipop rampage Sprint are on today, it is more than likely these dates are correct. Are you an M8 or LG G3 Sprint owner? Happy with the dates? Let us know.

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