Lollipop Android 5.1: What To Know And What To Expect


It was only back in early November when Android 5.0 (Lollipop) began to hit the AOSP. From here, manufacturers, carriers, developers, all of us had access to the source code underlying the most eagerly awaited Android operating system update ever. Since, then a huge number of devices have still not been updated to Android 5.0, but that has not stopped the talk from already moving on to Android 5.1. To clarify, we are not talking about Android 5.0.1 as that is already old news, with the most currently updated devices already running Android 5.0.2. Instead, we are talking about the next major(ish) step in Android Lollipop, moving the platform up from 5.0 to 5.1.

For awhile now (which is ironic when you consider the young age of 5.0) rumors have circulated that the Android team were working on 5.1. However in the last 24 hours any doubt about Android 5.1 has long subsided when early this morning it was reported that the Android One site in Indonesia started referencing Android 5.1 in its dialogue. From here, reports came heavy, that with the launch of Android One in Indonesia, Android 5.1 was possibly going to be launching with it. If that wasn't enough, then literally within a couple of hours, images appeared of Android 5.1 in the wild spotted running on an Indonesian device. This seemed to be the final confirmation everyone was waiting on. Not only was Android 5.1 coming soon, but it had arrived in Indonesia.


What's more, as it was reported this morning, it also looks like it could be en route to Nexus devices much sooner than everyone expected too. As reported, it seems server logs for Nexus devices were already showing code referring to Android 5.1 and the new build numbers for certain Nexus devices. These included the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 adopting an Android 5.1 build number of LMY29C. Likewise, the Nexus 9 listed as LMY22E. It was also noted some Nexus 6 devices were also linked to builds LMY29D and LMY29E.

So, if Android 5.1 is about to land on a number of Nexus devices (and then presumably loads more devices, in due course) what should we be expecting? Well, as Android Pit points out (source link below) there are a number of changes to expect. A changelog dating back to mid-December suggests Android 5.1 will come with the addition of Silent mode which was missing on Android 5.0. Not to mention, there is also expected to be decent improvements in the stability of the Lollipop system overall. Likewise, the changelog suggests Improved RAM management with fixes for sudden app closures and improved battery management. There is also expected to be issues with both wireless connections and the "OK Google" function fixed, along with any issues you might have been experiencing with Notifications. Not to mention the standard bug and performance fixes we get with all updates in general.

Of course, knowing Google, there is always the chance of lots more extra goodies tucked away that we are currently unaware of. Either way though, with Android 5.1 looking set to be released in Indonesia and on Nexus devices, it is only a matter of time until we hear exactly what else 5.1 will bring. Guess, it is now time to start speculating on Android 5.2.

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