New Android Video Means You Can Listen To A 300 Strong Android Device Choir Sing

Regular readers will have from time to time detected an underlying tone of disliking towards the Apple iPhone and Microsoft Windows Phone devices. As it happens, it's very much tongue in cheek. You see, I don't dislike the iPhone, it's just not the device for me. I don't like Apple's business practices but they're as guilty or innocent as most large corporations. And I don't like people who insist that it's the greatest product of all time when their experience has been... just the iPhone. This is true of all things though! It's also true that my technology-minded friends and I gave up the Apple versus Android versus Windows Phone versus who cares arguments years ago; we now have a tolerance for all things that go bleep in the night, during interviews or meetings, or when you're about to take a sip of that much needed coffee!

However, have a "discussion" with a devout anti-Android individual at some point and they're bound to throw in the point about fragmentation and how there are about twenty thousand unique models of device running Android, how only a few run the latest version of Android. Mostly, I'll just shrug my shoulders and say, "but I like it that way" without trying to enter a serious debate. I could talk about the flexibility and freedom of choice, how there's no one size fits all, but I can also attempt to have a discussion with my cat to ask him why he steals milk, cold pizza and cheesecake from the fridge at night. Except now, I have something new that I can show the fragmentation-is-a-bad-thing talkers: an adorable YouTube clip of a choir of Android devices playing out Ode to Joy. It's a celebration of what makes Android such a happening place, a celebration of how each device can be different from the other.

Several Google employees put together a display of three hundred Android devices, smartphones and tablets, as part of the "Be together, not the same" marketing campaign and in the clip you can see all sorts of Android devices big and small with animated Androidify characters on the screen playing... a track. If you happen to be in Tokyo, you can drop by on Tuesdays or Thursdays to see it live, but for the rest of us there's always the video clip at the bottom of the article. And whilst the choir shows off that we can have our Android devices big, small and anywhere in-between, that a team spent the time to put this together is fantastic.

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