LG G Watch R Owner Sandpapers His Watch R To Make It Look More Like An LG Watch Urbane

February 17, 2015 - Written By John Anon

A couple of days ago, big news emerged from the LG camp in the form of the announcement of their next generation round smartwatch. Following on from the LG G Watch R, LG unveiled the upcoming LG Watch Urbane. In terms of the difference between the G Watch R and the Urbane, the latter was designed to be much more of a luxury watch. If you like, a more sophisticated option. This was being explained as the new Urbane comes with an all-metal look, leather band and simply a more heightened and elegant level of presentation.

Well, this news might have made current G Watch R owners feel somewhat disheartened by the idea of a newer version of their smartwatch. Not to mention the implication that the new one is to be considered ‘more sophisticated’. Well, if you are one of those current owners of the G Watch R, then you night like to know that there are modifications you can make to your device to make it more Urbane-esque. Although, they are certainly not advisable modifications so be warned.

That said one of the G Watch R owners over in the Android Wear Google+ Community (source link below) highlighted how you can make your G Watch R look more like an Urbane. To do so, it will require a decent amount of elbow work coupled with some rather fine sandpaper. According to the post, Anthony B (the Watch R owner) used the sandpaper to sand down all the black coating from his Watch R device. The result is actually a rather good looking all-metal smartwatch. Anthony notes that he was inspired to adopt the new look thanks to the recently released images of the LG Watch Urbane. He also notes, he will keep the post updated on any further changes he makes to the device, so you might want to stay tuned to the source link below if you are planning on making any similar changes to your own Watch R. What do you think of the work? Does the LG G Watch R look better this way? Excited for the LG watch Urbane? Let us know your thoughts.

Watch R sandpaper 2