Leaked Internal Samsung Memo Might Reveal Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S Edge Launch Dates


Over the past days, weeks and even months we have seen a ton of leaked images, rumored specs and downright speculation around Samsung's latest Galaxy incarnation, the Samsung Galaxy S6. Of course, that is the fun of being in this game. What will it be like? What will it have? How much will it be? These are always questions high on top of the consumer list and as such always high on top of the speculation list. That said, one of the most asked questions (and the one which also seems to be the hardest to find information on prior to an announcement) is when will the device will be released?

Well, in terms of the Galaxy S6, it is still early days. It is guaranteed that the device will not be available before March as it is only expected to be unveiled at MWC (March 1st). As such, how long after MWC is the real question. Many believes Samsung will want to push this to market quickly, to make sure to cash-in on all the generated buzz. Not to mention, people do not like waiting too long for a device once it has been announced. That said, they also will not want to rush it out too quickly either.


Well, it seems we might now have the first real indicator of when the Galaxy S6 might indeed launch. A tip sent over to Phonearena (source link below), which is presumed to be from a Samsung employee shows a recent memo which was sent internally to the staff. The memo is basically a blackout period notification, which informs staff not to book time off during these 'busy' periods. In terms of the dates, there are two blackout periods. The first is between March 22 and March 30 while the second is between April 19th and April 27th. So, the presumption is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 could launch in those final days of March and maybe as early as the 22nd. In terms of the second set of dates, well, this could be the launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S Edge. It is likely Samsung will launch this following the main launch of the 'standard' device and as such the dates do seem to make sense. That said, they could be nothing to do with the Galaxy S6. But what do you think? Is the Galaxy S6 coming as early as March 22nd? Let us know your thoughts

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