Judge Validates 2 Out Of 5 Patents In Touch Feedback Infringement Case Against HTC

A recent court case against HTC relating to infringement on haptic feedback technologies patents belonging to a company called Immersion Corporation, has been decided on by the U.S. District Court Judge presiding over the lawsuit, in favor of Immersion Corp for only two out of the five patents that HTC is currently being sued for infringing upon. HTC gave an argument on the included patents claiming it did not infringe on the touch technology from Immersion Corp., but the Judge denied the summary judgement argument by stating that U.S. Patent No. 6,429,846 and U.S. Patent No. 7,969,288 are valid and the court case will continue towards a ruling on whether or not HTC actually infringed those patents.

This doesn't sit well with Immersion Corp. who obviously wanted to see all five patents it's claiming HTC infringed as being validated, but having three of them dismissed will not stop them from seeking some sort of recourse, as Immersion's CEO and president, Victor Viegas states that "we are disappointed in the judge's procedural interpretation, believe we have a strong basis for overturning it, and are considering appropriate avenues for relief. In light of this ruling, we remain extremely confident in our case and look forward to the upcoming trial." Immersion will be doing what they can to appeal the judges decision on the invalidated patents in hopes of being able to get the same ruling as the other two.

Immersion is a company that was founded in 1993, specializing in haptic technology making them one of today's leading innovators in the space. The first patent that will continue to move forward relates to "Haptic feedback for touchpads and other touch controls," which is basically the technology for inputting signals to a "computer" or in this case mobile devices while outputting forces or "feedback" to the user of the touch control. Essentially the patent is over the vibration you feel when you use the touch display and the screen responds with feedback to let you know it is responding. The second patent, is in regards to the "Force feedback system including multi-tasking graphical host environment and interface device" which is basically the technology that allows multiple applications/programs to interact with the force feedback(haptic feedback) device without conflict. Since this case has just started it will probably be some time before we learn of the ruling on whether or not HTC infringed upon these patents, and the case may end up even longer than normal if Immersion appeals over the other three that were dismissed and is granted validation later on after the appeal.

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