IFTTT Releases Three New Apps: Do Camera, Do Button, and Do Note

ifttt do camera

If This Then That has released three new apps that are designed to make using IFTTT more simple and easier to use than ever. The three apps, Do Camera, Do Note, and Do Button, will link your smartphone to other services by with a few touches of your screen. The apps are available for Android and iOS, and you can download them right now.

Do Camera will let you link your smartphone camera to web services like Twitter, Dropbox, and email accounts. When you take a picture, it will automatically get uploaded to that service. Some of these apps, like Dropbox and Google Photos, already have automatic photo uploading. But the beauty of IFTTT is that it opens up these types of services to almost anything. Do Note ties in to text based services and lets you send tweets, create new entries in your calendar, or send email or text messages. You can tie it into any other note taking app or service that accepts text input to send notes and messages to yourself or someone else.

Do Button is similar to the main IFTTT service in that it’s not specific to certain apps or services. You can use Do Button to trigger actions by simply pressing a button. This is the app you’ll want to use to turn your smart lights off and on, or post canned messages to an IM service. In each of these three apps, you can create up to three recipes to do whatever you want. There are recipes already created for you to choose from, or you can roll your own.

IFTTT is trying to make the service easier to use for everyone. Much like Tasker and other Android apps of that caliber, IFTTT is incredibly powerful but not incredibly intuitive. Sometimes just the number of options you have can be overwhelming. With Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note, using IFTTT is simpler than it has ever been. The service is great, so here’s hoping more people take advantage of these new apps. You can find Do Camera, Do Button, and Do Note on the IFTTT website and on the Google Play Store.