iFixit Launches New Android Device Repair Service

ifixit android repair

iFixit has been an iOS-only site for a long time, but they have finally decided that the Android market is worth investing in. The repair site has opened a new Android service that provides repair guides and replacement for Android phones and tablets. There are 252 device guides that will walk you through taking apart, fixing, and reassembling your device. The parts store has tablet and phone replacement parts, but doesn’t cover all 252 devices. If there are devices that the site doesn’t list, users can write guides of their own and send them in to iFixit. Users can also donate broken devices to be used as parts, which may be a good way to get rid of that old phone or tablet you have. At least it would keep your old device out a landfill.

iFixit made their name doing teardowns of iPhones and iPads, factoring the cost of the actual hardware, and estimating Apple’s profits on each device. Most Apple devices cost in parts about a third of their total selling price. iFixit also sells tools and parts for repairing Apple products, and now they are adding Android to their stable of supported devices. They sell complete repair kits that will help you open up your phone, take screws out, put them back in, solder and re-solder parts, and much more. You can buy individual pieces and parts that you need, or find these kits that give you everything. Their device guides are in-depth as well, breaking down each phone or tablet with step-by-step instructions and images.

iFixit says: “Our Android Repair hub is now live. On it, you’ll find hundreds of Android repair guides and replacement parts for a dozen of Android’s most popular devices–including the Samsung Galaxy S, the Galaxy Note, and the Nexus tablet series.” Now that they have crossed over into Android you’ll find most, if not everything, that you need all in one place on the site. They are also more reputable than some of the parts and services you find elsewhere. If you have a broken Android device that has needed some repairs, give iFixit a look.