Huawei Watch Product Highlight Video and Commercial Released Ahead of Launch

Some time ago, Huawei teased via Weibo, that there might be a possible wearable device coming from them during Mobile World Congress. Which happens to be tomorrow. Now, the device has gotten a full video, thanks to a currently unlisted video from the Huawei Device YouTube channel.   The video, which is embedded for your viewing pleasure below, showcases the new device, called the Huawei Watch.

The thing to notice right away is that the Huawei Watch is absolutely stunningly stylish.  The important part, however, is the fact that it will run on Android Wear instead of some other proprietary platform.  This means that it will be able to pair with your Android 4.3 or higher-running smartphone or tablet.  The device, whose product launch and information page is still down and inaccessible (and likely to remain so until the official event tomorrow in Barcelona), but we can assume a few things about the watch from Huawei.

First, it runs Android Wear, meaning connectivity with many many Android phones and users.  Second, it has a metal chassis, with some very high-quality bands, a black- or silver-colored chainmail band, as well as a stylish leather offering, which go with the silver-, black-, or champagne-colored chassis.  Third, we can assume the internals, because most Android Wear watches have similar, if not the same, internals.  The Watch will probably have a Snapdragon, or possible one of Huawei's own HiSilicon mobile processors, as well as half a gigabyte of RAM.  there will likely be something close to a 400 mAh battery, which will likely offer some great battery life with what looks to be an OLED display, based on the deep blues highlighted in one of the three stock watch faces.  Now, these are speculations, so they could be completely off, but the Huawei Watch is still truly stylish.

The Watch looks the most like a modern watch of style, with the more traditional body and strap attachments.  It will also, according to the video, feature a pogo pin charging system, instead of the now-loved wireless Qi charging of the Moto 360.  the watch will also feature sapphire glass, instead of Gorilla glass of any sort.  The Huawei Watch looks to be a big discussion point once it is officially unveiled tomorrow, so stay tuned for that coverage.  If this comes to market in as many markets as it hopefully will, would you pick it up as a wearable?  Would this replace that fancy timepiece you have, or would it be a replacement for a possibly less-stylish Android Wear or Pebble watch?  Let us know down below.

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