Huawei Cagey About Ultra High Definition And Curved Smartphone Screens

We have covered Huawei's thoughts and concerns surrounding the current trend to push towards higher and higher screen resolutions. To summarize, Huawei's take on pushing towards 4K display resolutions is that there is too big a battery life compromise associated with bumping up the resolution. The higher the resolution, the harder the device's processor and graphics hardware has to work and so the higher the power consumption (also, depending on the application, the slower the response). Huawei's President of Handsets said this about 4K screens: "[The problem with 4K] is the power consumption as a 4K device could last maybe only six hours but a 2K or Full HD device would last one day or more. We have to compromise as 4K has a lot more pixels than Full HD and in the future there is a possibility for 4K in smartphones but only when [our eye] can tell the difference."

However, there is one industry trend where Huawei are looking into and that's the idea of the curved screen. This is because the wraparound Edge display as used with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and as they're widely reported to be using on the next generation Galaxy S6 flagship device. Here again, Huawei have carefully explained their position, "The technology for this is very good but it's very difficult to make a benefit for the consumer. For example, it's very difficult to make the curve on the G Flex 2 but what's the benefit [to the consumer]? It's still a smartphone - companies just want to design a curved smartphone for the sake of designing it and not for consumer benefit." In essence, Huawei don't want to pursue a technological improvement just because it's there to be pursued but instead because it can improve how the device works for customers.

Huawei also discussed the Ascend Mate 7 device, which isn't readily available in Western markets. The reason for this is stock: Huawei underestimated the appeal of the device and shortly after it was launched in China, it became out of stock. They took the decision to restrict the regions that the device is available in rather than trying to sell limited quantities of the device into more markets around the world. The Ascend Mate 7 outsold the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 two to one in China for the last few months of 2014. What do you feel about ultra high resolution smartphones screens? And what about curved displays? Are you holding out for the first 4K curved edge screen smartphone to wow people with or do you prefer battery life instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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