Huawei Announces LTE-Powered SmartBand in London, Ahead of MWC 2015

huawei logo 1

Today, Huawei took the wraps off of a new smartband in London. This is their LTE-powered smartband and it’s the first of it’s kind. Huawei was pretty quiet on specs, but we’re expecting it to be a 1.4-inch OLED display, and feature all the usual NFC, Bluetooth and Water resistant specs along with it. We’ll hear more about this smartband from Huawei next week in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. Which we’ll be there covering.

Huawei also announced that it supports their 4.5G network. Yes, we’re getting close to talking about 5G now. And we’ll likely hear a lot about 5G in Barcelona next week, especially from the likes of Huawei who does a lot of network stuff for carriers and their towers. This 4.5G network will be capable of speeds of about 1GB/second. Which is pretty darn fast, in fact that’s what Google Fiber is promising. From Huawei:

“4.5G supports up to 100K per cell connections via LTE-M, 100 times that of 4G. LTE-M also provides better coverage. Receivers require just 1/100th of the signal of existing 2G system, 20dB gain, using low-power terminals.”

So let’s see LTE-M provides better coverage and more bandwidth and faster speeds? What more could we possibly want? We’ll hear more about this 4.5G pipeline next week in Barcelona, so we’ll keep our eyes and ears open to see what else Huawei has to say about it. We’re also expecting some new smartphones and possibly tablets from Huawei next week in Barcelona, along side this smartband. We should get some hands on time with all of it at some point next week, so make sure you keep your browser locked to Android Headlines for all the details. It all kicks off on Sunday!

How many of you are excited about this Smartband from Huawei and their 4.5G network? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below