HTC's Somewhat Cryptic Yet Fun Filled Tweet Could Be Suggesting Arrival Of The HTC One Max 2


Yesterday HTC had sent out a tweet to the massive amounts of its followers that held a somewhat cryptic message inside, hinting that something HUGE was coming. It's reasonable to assume that this might have been the rumored HTC One M9 Plus we've been hearing about, but if you take into account the rest of the tweet which plays out like a madlib the HTC One M9 Plus actually makes a little less sense. We know that HTC is going to unveil the HTC One M9 on March 1st at their Mobile World Congress event because they sent out a teaser image already informing consumers of that fact. What's more likely than the M9 Plus though in regards to the HUGE thing coming is that HTC is hinting at the arrival of the HTC One Max 2.

You can come to this possibility by filling in the blank parts of the tweet just like a madlib, where if you insert the number one in the area where they list [numbner] and max where they list [big thing], and moving on to inserting the math term "add" and the number "2" at the end. With those words in place the tweet reads like this: Something HUGE is coming from HTC. Imagine One Max in space. And then add that by 2. The tweet makes sense.

It's a rather interesting way to let your consumers know about the coming of a phone, and it shows that HTC isn't afraid to have a little fun while hinting at an new exciting device without actually giving out specifics. The way it's laid out it lets the reader come to the conclusion on their own, and while there is no proof or confirmation showing that HTC is talking about the One Max 2, consider if you put HTC One M9 Plus in the blanks. The tweet would read like this instead: Something HUGE from HTC is coming. Imagine One M9 in space. Then add that by plus. It just reads funny and sounds weird and makes little to no sense at all compared to the One Max 2. Mobile World Congress 2015 is just a little over a week away from now, so it won't be long before we find out if the One Max 2 is HTC's "something HUGE."

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