HTC Website Further Confirms Flagship Name Of Next HTC Device To Be ‘HTC One M9’

February 16, 2015 - Written By Octavian Gensthaler

A short glimpse at the source code of HTC’s website reveals a valuable piece of information. Since rumors started circulating, it wasn’t made clear if the name of HTC’s next installment would be ‘HTC Hima’ or ‘HTC One (M9)’ but the latest leak confirms the latter.

We’re already halfway through February and this means that we are nearing a very important date which is March 1st. That’s the date when HTC will be holding a big press conference where it will present its latest tech, and this date coincides with Samsung’s Unleashed event where it’s supposed to reveal its Galaxy S6 flagship device. The Mobile World Congress won’t kick off until the 3rd of March, though, but some tech companies want to get a head start. Anyway, it appears we’ll be hearing about the HTC One (M9) and not the HTC Hima, and this means that the tech company is keeping its old naming style.

In addition to the more or less confirmed flagship name, we also have a potential marketing slogan to be used during the launch, and that is ‘One Life’. It’s an interesting slogan, and we all know how important a good marketing strategy is, especially considering the high competition of 2015. HTC is going up against the biggest names of the tech industry, and it might just reach the podium with a proper strategy.

It’s important to make one small note, though. Some people have noticed that the code refers to the device as ‘HTC One M9’ without the parentheses that are featured on older devices such as the HTC One (M8). While this may be a pretty small detail, it makes a big difference because most people tend to look up the device without the parentheses, so this will improve HTC’s search engine responsiveness overall. The removal of these parentheses has been rumored already in the last few days, although all will be made clear when the tech company holds its press event. Until then, all we can do is speculate and make all sorts of claims, but they should all be taken with a pinch of salt. How much of a difference do you think the name makes? Would a pair of missing parentheses be a big deal? Let us know by leaving a comment.