HTC Teases “Something Huge” is Coming Soon on Twitter

February 19, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

There’s been a fantastic trend in the mobile world recently that’s seemingly taking manufacturer’s by storm.  For years we’ve seen devices grow larger and larger in size, offering a bigger display with every passing generation.  This has been a great trend for those who really love bigger phones, but what about people with a preference for something not so huge?  For a while the smaller phones were all lower end devices with specs that couldn’t even compare to their beastly larger brothers, but Sony started leading the trend by offering a compact model if its smartphones for these very customers.  Following the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus we’ve seen a surge in this business model, and it looks like HTC might just be following in those footsteps.

The HTC One M9, code named Hima, is slated to be announced at Mobile World Congress on March 1st.  This phone is the successor to the One M7 and M8 which have really been popularized by HTC’s unbelievable all-metal build quality as well as their ability to craft some truly stellar, smooth software.  We’ve seen a number of rumors suggesting that the One M9 will feature a 5.0 or 5.1-inch display, while the larger M9 Plus will feature something like a 5.5-inch display.  Recent benchmark leaks are a little confusing to say the least, pointing toward a 64-bit MediaTek processor and a 5.1-inch screen for the Plus model, hinting that HTC could be planning on making its regular M9 a smaller device under the 5-inch mark.

HTC’s tweet on the subject is about as cryptic as you can get too, playing off the old Madlib books that became popular in the 90’s.  HTC’s tweet almost feels as if they are getting ready to launch a spacecraft rather than a large smartphone or tablet, saying “Something HUGE is coming from HTC. Imagine [number][big thing] in space. And then [math term] that by [number].”  If this is indeed talking about the One M9 Plus we’re definitely not looking at a 5.1-inch display for such a device, unless HTC is planning on making those bezels around the screen ultra-huge.  Hopefully HTC clears things up before MWC, but even if they don’t we’ve only got just over a week to wait and find out!