HTC Rumored To Be Using The Slogan “One Life” For The HTC One M9 This Year

February 13, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

We have all but come to learn every little detail and fine point about the next flagship device from HTC, being referred to as the HTC One (M9) or HIMA, which already has tons of rumors swirling around about it ranging from the possible use of a 20MP camera on the back to the inclusion of a Qualcomm snapdragon 810 chipset. One of the newest leaked pieces of information has nothing to do with specs, body design or even price points or release dates, rather it states the alleged slogan that HTC will be using for the M9 when it launches.

According to Jack March, HTC will use the slogan “One Life” alongside the HTC One (M9) when it releases this year which is could be sometime in the Spring if it follows the same time frame as the HTC One (M8). March also states that HTC will be announcing the the device on Sunday, March 1st which was already being speculated. March 1st is the first day of Mobile World Congress and the same day that Samsung is holding their Unpacked 2015 event this year, so if this pans out to be true it would seem that HTC is not about to let Samsung steal all of the thunder when it comes to new device announcements.

March adds that HTC will supposedly be simplifying the name a little bit by removing the rounded parenthesis brackets from the name seen on the past two generations in the One series of smartphones, and will just be calling the device the HTC One M9 instead of HTC One (M9). We still have a couple of weeks to go before MWC 2015 in Barcelona, but the event approaches ever closer with each passing day where we hopefully will get to see HTC take the wraps off of their latest and greatest. Other rumors have suggested that HTC could be minimizing the bezels on the top and bottom this time around thanks to a new Boom Sound speaker design, and if the device ends up looking anything like some of the leaks we have seen than HTC will be sticking with the metal body make up for the materials just like the last two devices in the lineup. Are you excited for the HTC One M9?