HTC Releases Teaser Video on Twitter, Bigger Boom Slated for HTC One M9


The shadow of Mobile World Congress is nearly upon us now, with the annual mobile show happening this coming weekend.  As a result we've seen a massive number of teasers and pre-revealings happening for devices that are set to be announced at the show, and one of the biggest ones we're going to see is HTC's next big phone the HTC One M9.  We've seen a massive amount of leaks including the look of the phone itself as well as the entire spec sheet containing everything from the details of the processor to the camera.  The design remains virtually identical to the previous One M7 and M8 devices from 2013 and 2014 with a few minor tweaks here and there.  This appears to even include the same sized bezels around the screen as well as the big black bar containing the HTC logo below the screen.

Included in the specs are the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor that's supposed to blow all other processors powering a phone out of the water.  It's likely that we'll see the HTC One M9 take the performance crown for quite some time too as the display is slated to "only" be a 1080p display, but at 5-inches there's little reason to bump that resolution up.  What hasn't been discussed much is the possibility of HTC pumping up the sound quality from previous devices, but that's just what today's teaser straight from HTC Ireland is suggesting.  Past HTC One devices have easily had the nicest sounding speakers on any mobile phone, as HTC didn't just start the trend of including dual stereo speakers on the front of the device but also included larger sound drivers within the casing too.


These larger sound drivers are the reason HTC's Boom Sound resonates with customers as much as it does, and when you've got a formula right why change it at all?  We were already expecting the One M9 to blow us out of the water with its sound quality, but this might just take it to new levels.  HTC has noted that the size of the bezels around the screen, including the black bar below, were for sensors and other internal chips that needed the extra space to exist within the thin and sleek aluminum body, and since that appears to not have changed here there's any wonder why HTC is going to be including better sound quality in its upcoming flagship.

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