More HTC One (M9) Reports; Major Camera Upgrade And The Same Wireless Module As The Nexus 6

February 10, 2015 - Written By Stephen Sard

Reports via Twitter from HTC ROM developer LlabTooFer (screenshots below), claim that the HTC One (M9) may see a nice camera upgrade as well as receiving the same wireless module used in the Nexus 6. The HTC (M9) or Hima, has been the source of much speculation in anticipation of its release at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 2-5.

These latest speculations come from HTC ROM developer LlabTooFeR. The first tweet surrounds the camera of the HTC One (M9). The tweet reports that the new HTC (M9) will receive a 20-megapixel camera from Toshiba. The Toshiba T4KA7, revealed in a post from Toshiba back on September 15, 2014, is “designed to meet the demand of thinner and lighter mobile devices.” It can deliver 22 frames per second at full-resolution thanks to its high-speed circuitry. It has backside illumination or BSI and an advanced digital zoom that reportedly maintains image integrity at very tight zoom on an object as well as auto defect pixel correction. That means the HTC One (M9) will get a decent upgrade from the previous model.

The second tweet focuses on the HTC One (M9)’s wireless module. According to the tweet, the phone will receive the same module used in the Nexus 6. The BCM 4356 wireless module has Bluetooth 4.1 support as well as 2×2 802.11a/b/g/n/ac support and should allow Bluetooth and LTE to play nice together. The module has thus far proven decent in the Nexus 6 and should serve the HTC One (M9) well.

 It is important to understand that this is just speculation. HTC has not officially confirmed this information concerning the wireless module or the use of Toshiba’s T4KA7 20-megapixel camera. All of this information could change, or turn out to be false though at this point these two additions seem very plausible. This device is one of the most anticipated of the year, and with these two rumored additions, it is shaping up to be a nice flagship device. We can only hope the new One (M9) will fix the inconsistencies in camera/photo quality that some users reported with the One (M8) as well as some of the connectivity issues that still others reported. We will find out soon enough during MWC in March.

Twitter HTC M9 20mp camera

HTC One (M9) Wireless Module Tweet