HTC One M9 Promo Videos Leaked Online

htc1 AH

The last few weeks has seen intense speculation over two devices in particular. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and The HTC One M9. Both of these have now become highly anticipated devices and have seen a whole bunch of rumored specs, leaks, renders and images. The latter of the two, the HTC One M9 has very much been at the forefront of the render debates over the last couple of days, with an enormous amount of speculation around some images that surfaced over the weekend. The images were leaked by an online retailer who had the device up for pre-order. Following on from this, known tipster @upleaks this morning also leaked a couple of images which followed along the same design path and showing a very similar device.

Well, it seems those images were in fact only a precursor to what was to follow. This is because @upleaks suddenly decided to leak three videos on the One M9. To be clear, there is no way to know that these are legitimate official HTC videos however from what was seen, they did seem to be the real deal. The videos do seem to be HTC promo videos and are probably what will be used to highlight the One M9 and its features in the coming weeks.

The three videos are feature based videos. The first one was labelled by @upleaks as an ‘Introduction’ video and as such briefly introduces the One M9. The second video highlights the camera abilities of the device including its ability to take wide lens group files and so on. The last video was entitled HTC Theme and showed how the user was able to theme their device, including taking an image of something, extracting the colour and applying that color as a theme. Unfortunately, within a few minutes of the videos going live @upleaks decided to pull them again stating that he had been advised it was “too dangerous” to show them. However, we did manage to grab a few screen grabs for you to check out. What do you think? The real HTC One M9? Let us know.

UPDATE: The videos are back up again