HTC Launch ‘Champions’ One M8 Detailing All Previous Winners Of UEFA Champions League

February 25, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If you are into your football (soccer for the U.S. folk) then you will be more than aware that the UEFA Champions League is well underway. Currently, right in the middle of the ’round of 16′ Man City were beaten by Barca and Bayer play Atletico Madrid tonight. That said, if you are a football fan and also a HTC fan, then you might be aware that HTC are one of the partners of the Champions League. In short, they help to sponsor it. As a result, at the games you tend to see lots of HTC branding and the likes. In fact, one of the first confirmations of the HTC One (presumed to be the HTC One M9) making its appearance at MWC on March 1st came through one of the sideline panel banners which simply stated “The New HTC One Coming March 1st”.

Well, if you are a HTC and Champions league fan then you might be interested to learn that to mark their involvement with the Champions league, HTC has announced the launch of a special edition Champions League version of the HTC One M8. This news might sound a little familiar as HTC did previously announce a Champions league One M8 back in September┬áto mark the beginning of the upcoming tournament. However, as the tournament is now drawing to a close, HTC are making available what will be known as the ‘Champions’ version. Similar to the first edition. this one will again feature the same iconic Champions League engraved logo on the back. However, different to the previous one, this version will also list all the winners of the tournament from the 92-93 season (Marseille as Champions) right through to last year’s 2013-14 season (Real Madrid as champions).

If you are thinking that this might be a device for you, then unfortunately it seems that it will not be on general sale. Instead, the Champions One M8 will be offered by HTC to competition and promotion winners via HTC’s social media presence. So you will have to stay tuned to their channels to try and bag yourself one. The device was officially unveiled today at a special Carphone Warehouse event prior to the kickoff of tonight’s Arsenal and Monaco clash. Ex-Manchester United Keeper, Peter Schmeichel and current Arsenal Women’s Keeper Emma Byrne were in attendance to take a few selfies for the press event with the new HTC Champions edition. Are you a football fan? Would you like to bag yourself a Champions One M8? Let us know.