HTC Fills The Role Of Chief Marketing Officer By Hiring Toronto Design Firm CEO Idris Mootee

February 10, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

HTC has selected a new successor to the company’s previous CMO Benjamin Ho, placing Idris Mootee in the role following a period of seven months where HTC’s Cher Wang was filling in for Ho until the company found a proper replacement. As the Chief Marketing Officer, Mootee will take on basically all of the tasks that will seek to put HTC in the spotlight,(of course those won’t be his only responsibilities)not the least of which will be HTC’s advertising and promotional strategies, and important piece in getting people to better recognize the HTC brand. This is one area where HTC could stand to use some improvement, as they are simply outclassed in this area by the likes of Apple and Samsung, two rival companies who spend massive amounts of money on advertising. HTC is a great brand no doubt and are easily well known within the tech community, but advertising on a level that reaches the everyday consumer is where HTC needs to focus if they want to grab larger pieces of market share.

While HTC has had a tough go of it over the last few years, with the launch of the Nexus 9 towards the end of last year HTC finally ended up seeing some positive growth financially. With Mootee on board hopefully they’ll be able to get a plan put in place that will allow them to continue this upward momentum. Idris Mootee was previously the CEO of a design firm based out of Toronto, Canada called Idea Couture, where he was referred to as the “ultimate insight machine” by his peers.

If there’s anything that HTC needs, it’s a person on the team who others think of as having the best possible insight imaginable. This could help them to devise strategies to keep customers engaged with their products, advertise more to the point of where non-techie customers are aware of their existence and prevent the launch of products that do more to hurt the company than to help it. While HTC’s continued inspiration to innovate and delve into new categories of product offerings is applauded for thinking outside the box for a company who generally has little more to do with electronics than smartphones and mobile devices, they will need something more than just a desire to explore new product categories in an attempt to grab new customer markets, and perhaps Mootee is the answer.