HTC Announce Where And When To Watch Their Live MWC2015 Event

February 25, 2015 - Written By John Anon

With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, many android lovers and device owners will be anxiously waiting to hear what devices will be coming their way. There will be a number of announcements en route from the event and from a lot of the major players in the android world. That said, there is little arguing with the fact that two companies in particular, will be the events everyone will be waiting for. They are Samsung and HTC, of course. Both companies are launching their latest flagship device in the way of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 respectively. Both devices are highly anticipated and both are rumored to be coming with some crazy specs. Interestingly, both events will be taking place on the same day, Sunday. Which makes this Sunday one of the biggest days of the year for android users.

Well, in terms of HTC, it looks like they are also counting down the hours and have today let loose some information about the event, the time and so on. The streaming page does not provide any details on anything you can expect to see, so no teasers or the likes on offer. That said, it does provide users with the information to know where to tune in for the big event. For instance, if you are East count in the US then you will want to tune in 10am on March 1st (ET) which means if you are West Coast based then you will want to be up, ready and watching by 7am (PT). Likewise, if you are Asia based then you will want to be ready at 11pm (Taiwan time) on March 1st. Likewise, if you are mainland Europe located then you will want to be tuning in March 1st at 4pm Barcelona time (which is where the event will be being held). Of course, if you are in the UK then this will be 3pm (GMT) time.

So there you go, March 1st and the times stated are ‘when’ you need to be, to find out what is going on with HTC this year. In terms of ‘where’ you need to be, then you will want to bookmark this page as this is where the event will be being streamed from. HTC are expected to unveil the highly awaited HTC One M9 and also the One M9 Plus. Not to mention, there are likely to be a few other products making an appearance. So will you be watching? Let us know.