Google's Play Store Looks Set To Receive Update Changing How The Action Bar Looks And Works


Today we heard the news that Google have updated the way in which Google Search displays news related topics. The new layout introduces a carousel type effect with news stories (and videos) related to a searched topic. Well, it looks like that is not the only change coming from Google this week. Known Googler, Kirill Grouchnikov has let some details out about some changes we can expect to see with the Play Store App.

The first notable change is quite a big one although it might not sound like it at first. Google has been known to be very encouraging of app developers to make sure that their offerings include a clear action bar at the top of the app. These are normally colored to match the overall theme color of the app and typically include a very clear and identifying app logo or name. Like the 'Play Store' in the image above. Well, as you can see from the gif below, it seems the action bar is not really there anymore for the Play Store. At least not in its current format. Instead, the bar has been replaced with what is more of an interactive bar which once pressed morphs into a full tab search box. So you will no longer need to press the eye glass to search and instead will be able to press anywhere on what was the action bar. Following on from this, the second main difference seems to be the (re)introduction of an animation which affects the hamburger bar in the Play Store action bar. While this is currently a static offering (much like the action bar), the change expected will see the hamburger morph into a back arrow. In short, when the new action bar is pressed (unleashing the search box) the hamburger will then spin into a back arrow so the user can exit back out of the search box.


If you are already checking your Play Store to see if yours has gone live, you could be waiting some time. There were no firm details as to when this will happen or roll out and instead Grouchnikov's G+ post (source link below) simply comes with the hashtags "soon" and "rolling out". After testing, it had not landed here, but you may see it landing with you soon enough. What do you think of the changes? Do you like them? Let us know.


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