Google's Pichai Claims Apple's Price Point Is "Irresponsible"

sundar pichai

According to Google's Head of Product, Sundar Pichai, Apple is irresponsible when it comes to the pricing of it's products and services. In a recent interview with Forbes (source link below), Mr. Pichai talked about some of the differences between Apple's and Google's mobile platforms. He noted that Google users choose to use Google's application offerings because they are greatly loved and provide value. He also noted that many of their products are offered free to anyone wishing to use them.

Pichai also blasted Apple for making their products so expensive. He stated: "It's a bit irresponsible to say everything should be many hundreds of dollars." Though one should note that Google may offer services for free but does make a considerable amount of revenue from their products. However, the point being offered by Pichai is that while Google makes money, they do not force users to pay astronomical sums of money for their services while also making money from other revenue streams such as targeted advertising, product placement, or the selling of information. While Google may take a peak at what you are doing, what you are saying, and who you are saying it to and where, they at least do not charge you for their applications and products or at least they make them much cheaper than Apple.


These comments come on the heals of comments made by Apple concerning the customization of products. Many, including Motorola President Rick Osterloh, felt that the comments made by Apple's Head of Design, Jony Ive. Mr. Ive felt that what we believe to be Motorola's view of customization was essentially lazy and was, "abdicating your responsibility as a designer." Osterloh also made comments about the price of Apple products.

No matter which side of the divide you take, the fact still remains that it all comes down to what a person is willing to pay for a product they want. Apple makes some serious money, so obviously people are willing to pay for their products. However, Pichai does make a good point concerning Apple and their price point. Apple has long been considered by some to have a much higher price point than it should have given the features it provides. Many continue to note that Apple continues to price their products at the higher end of the smartphone spectrum while offering features that are in some cases years behind what is offered by Android devices that are notably cheaper.

Apple contends that their price reflects a premium device that goes beyond a simple mobile device, but rather treats the user to a premium experience. Android may catch up with Apple in terms of pricing though. Rumors have been circulating that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 will be priced higher than the Apple iPhone 6. So again, in the end it is what a person is willing to pay. Do you feel Apple is overpriced for the product that they offer? If rumors are true, would you buy the Galaxy S6 if it was more expensive than the iPhone 6? Let us know your opinions on G+ or in the comment section below.

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