Google's I/O Events Page Contains A Strange Music Based Chrome Experiment For You To Try


If you were tuned into the news this afternoon, then you would have heard a little while ago that Google have officially announced their 2015 I/O event. For those interested in going (or just keeping up to date) then this year's event is scheduled for May 28th and 29th. Well, in accordance with the recent announcement, Google have the I/O event page website up and running with all the details of what to expect and so on. Not to mention there is a clever (albeit slightly strange) hidden game on the website.

OK, it is not that hidden to be honest, but once you click on this link and are redirected to the main page you will see what can be best described as a little mini three bar EQ (you can see it in the image below). Well, once you click on the EQ it begins to launch the Google 'Chrome Experiment'. Once you see the pop-up window (again shown below), all you have to do is click on "Make Some Noise" and at which point you will be redirected to a strange stringed game where you can pluck the strings and make some music. All to the backing track of a rather 90's dance track. If that was not enough in itself, then it seems you can also record your mini track (just hit the red record button in the top right corner of the screen). After which, you have the option to share the track either via the usual social media platforms or by downloading the link.


By its very nature (and name) this is obviously an experiment of some sort Google are conducting and it is not quite clear what the end-goal is. That said, a weird music game, which will help you pass a few minutes has got to be worth a try. What is really interesting is that while you're playing with the game, if you switch tabs the backing music stops playing. Of course, it restarts every time you re-tab back to the original tab and it does not seem to matter how long you wait before switching back. So this is certainly some sort of experiment on sound. Anyway, click the link above (or source link below) and give the experiment a try. Let us know what you think.

Screenshot 2015-02-10 at 3.29.13 PM - Edited

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