Google's Health Cards Now Appearing in Google Search

Google AH 03930

We had heard from Google a little while ago that they’d be adding health cards to their knowledge graph. So that when you search Google for some diseases, you’ll get a nice looking card with a picture of what the disease looks like, What it is, symptoms, treatments and how rare it is and contagious. Some pretty useful information there for a lot of people. For example, if you search “Chicken Pox, you’ll see that it is rare with about 20K to 200K cases in the US per year. And it is contagious. You can also learn more about the condition and it breaks down the cases by age, as well as showing you how it spreads. Also that it’s self treatable.

For parents, well really everyone, this is really helpful information from Google. And to have it there in a card, without having to search WebMD, or Wikipedia or something else, makes it that much easier. What else is interesting here, and pretty helpful is that they show you what kind of doctor can treat that condition. For example, with Chicken Pox, your primary care provider can treat it. And in most cases that’d be your pediatrician seeing as Chicken Pox is normally caught by kids.

What’s interesting is that this is the only card so far to be using the Material Design colors and elements. I wonder if Google is going to redo their other cards with Material design elements. It definitely has a nice look and stands out a bit more, which is nice. How many of you will be using these new cards in Google Search? It’s definitely a great way to look up diseases and see what you have. Let us know your thoughts on this addition to Google’s knowledge graph in the comments down below.