Google’s Android TV Developer Kit (ADT-1) Updated To Android 5.0.2

February 3, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Although, we generally consider Google’s Nexus Player to be the first real Android TV device, in reality it was not. Prior to the release of the Nexus Player, Google had released the ADT-1. For those unfamiliar with this device, there is good reason to be unfamiliar with it. The ADT-1 is the Android TV Developer’s kit and was mainly dished out by Google as a testing platform for Android TV. This effectively allows developers to test apps and features will run on Android TV. The unit was never really made available and as such it is a device you won’t be seeing at your local Best Buy anytime soon. Instead, it was offered out back at Google’s I/O event last year. So this is why we tend to think of the Nexus Player as the first real Android TV device, as it was (at least) the first one you could go out and buy.

Anyway, for those out there that do have an ADT-1, then the latest news seems to be that the unit has now been updated to Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop), with the now familiar build number LXR22G. In terms of the actual details, well, there does not seem that much happening. This is, after all, only an incremental update and not one that comes with anything too notable. More than likely, this will largely consist of bug fixes and the likes. That said, it is in the process of rolling out. If you have yet to receive your update then don’t worry, as always, this is a staggered type deal and will land on your device when it does. If you simply cannot wait then hit up the source link below, which will take you over to a Google+ community with all the necessary files and instructions to download and sideload the update yourself (rooted or otherwise).

So what does this mean for Nexus Player owners? Well, in the short term, it does not mean anything at all. Just because the update has landed on the ADT-1, does not mean it is landing on the Nexus player. That said, in the long term, it does very much indicate that the update should be heading towards the Nexus Player soon(ish).