Google Will Use Miami-Based 'Yezz' To Build Project Ara's Hardware Modules

Project Ara seems to be coming along quite nicely and had recently graduated from the ATAP division, and although the project still faces many hurdles which all the parties and companies involved are collectively working together to overcome, Google is moving things right along and has named one of the first companies they'll be entrusting the task of building up the modules which make up the components of the Project Ara modular smartphone, a Miami-based company called Yezz. If you're new to the world of Project Ara, the devices are basically set up as a smartphone that consumers essentially build themselves by choosing a base size for the device, then completing the build with a mix of different hardware that snaps into place on the back of the device using electro-permanent magnets. The same magnets hold the display and the the earpiece module in place on the front.

With such an ambitious and lofty goal like bringing a smartphone to market which can basically be built by the consumer,(much like one can do with a desktop PC)the Project Ara smartphones are a device with which Google is attempting to cast a wide net and capture a large, varied group of consumers. They aren't targeting just one small particular group, like techies who need the latest and most powerful processor or the person that wants the absolute best smartphone camera you can have. The very idea of picking and choosing your smartphones specifications via the modules(hardware components)displays that Google wants to reach the masses, which as Yezz CEO had mentioned to CNET is a main reason why Google approached them to be part of the module manufacturing process, because Yezz is also making devices for the masses.

Sosa and his company are passionate about the idea of Ara, and truly believe that Project Ara devices will "transform the smartphone business just as apps have done with the world of smartphones," which doesn't sound too far off. Never has their been so much choice placed in the hands of the consumer before when it comes to picking a new smartphone, which will make Project Ara modular phones a revolutionary shift in this space. Yezz is all set up to take on the module building task, and has stated that they're prepared having already manufactured around 100 prototype modules to gear them up for the pilot program of Project Ara that Google has set to take place in Puerto Rico sometime later this year.

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