Google Search Results To Once Again List Tweets Thanks To New Deal With Twitter

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For the last few years if you were looking to use Google search as an easy way to find specific tweets, you haven’t been able to do so. This is because ever since 2011, the deal between Twitter and Google that would allow Google the opportunity to grab mounds of data through Twitter’s data streams of 140 character blips had been expired. This didn’t necessarily mean you couldn’t search for tweets, just that you weren’t able to use Google to do the searching. You could however still use Bing and Yahoo to get the job done. That will no longer be the case later this year as the two companies have reached an agreement to create a new deal.

According to Bloomberg Google and Twitter have reached a deal to once again allow Google access to the Twitter data streams, which will in turn reward Twitter with the ability to have its tweets show up in Google Search results. This deal comes months after Twitter held their annual analyst day talks with investors back in November of 2014 which covered a wide range of topics, and also included some plans of how Twitter could raise revenue, one of those ideas being a plan to come up with new ways to get back on Google’s good graces so they could have tweets re-enter the search results lists on Google’s site.

The deal is reportedly being worked on currently but hasn’t yet been made public, and as such the sources from Bloomberg are anonymous. This also means that we have no idea at this time as to when the deal will be finalized or when Twitter tweets will show back up in Google search results. This is good news for Twitter and Google all around though as Google no longer has to crawl Twitters site to gather data, and Twitter gets to be listed in the top rankings of search results again which could help spur more growth for their site. This is only one initiative Twitter is implementing to help keep users engaged as well attempt to bring in new users, alongside plans for new features like testing out the instant timeline feature which has yet to fully roll out to the Android version of the Twitter app.