Google Now Upgraded To Support Ski Resort And Snow Forecasts

I admit to being something of a fan of snow. Partially, it's because where I live in the United Kingdom, snow is inconsistent and so I like to appreciate it when it arrives - even if this means setting off in the small hours to enjoy the landscape. It's a rather sorry state of affairs that an inch or two of snow on the ground can often cause much of the United Kingdom to grind to a half - many Brits rarely bother with winter tires and instead rely on the roads being gritted, which means when they're not, our cars tend to mysteriously fall off the road... However, there are some parts of the United Kingdom where snow is consistent enough for ski resorts and so the news that Google Now supports a ski forecast isn't completely lost on us! The ski forecast doesn't (yet) appear on Google's list of supported cards, either.

Google Now has quickly grown to become one of my most appreciated Google services that I use on a daily basis. I've used it since my Asus Google Nexus 7 - 2012 arrived and watched as it developed to provide more and more information. It's stories like this that warm my heart because Google's approach is simple to make it work; they are building in functionality all of the time. It's at its most logical when paired up with an Android Wear device, because that notification that your commute home will take you an extra half hour, or an update on the weather or even reminding you of an up and coming appointment and has factored in the travel time... way to go Google. Better yet, Google Now is far more consistent than the British snow season! I'm most impressed by Google Now quickly adapting to my changes in routine. For some obscure reason, most Saturday mornings, Google Now gives me a card detailing the route to the Starbucks that I might be considering visiting, but during the week it knows I favor another Starbucks... crazy, eh?

Do you live near a ski resort and have you seen the ski forecast? Or do you have a great example of how Google Now is amazing? Let us know in the comments below.

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