Google Makes Following the Cricket World Cup Nice and Easy

Cricket Google AH 1


Cricket fans all over the world will no doubt have noticed that the 2015 Cricket World Cup is about to get started and over the next month or so, there’s going to be a whole lot of action in the world of Cricket. Any big sporting event like this is going to be all over the Internet and considering Google is where the Internet begins for a lot of people it’s unsurprising that the search giant is to make it super-easy for fans to keep up with the latest events and scores.

Searching for ‘cricket’ on your phone, tablet, laptop or wherever, will bring up all sorts of information. First of all, there’s a neat, and easy to use timetable of who’s playing and when which shows times in local time. That alone is nice, considering that Australia and New Zealand are hosting the 2015 World Cup, making it difficult to figure out when who is playing. Thankfully, Google takes the effort out of it. Score cards will be updated in the Google App with the help of the ESPN Cricinfo app, which is a short download away here. Once you have the app installed, cards will appear with info from ESPN in the Google app, which is pretty nifty.

Google Trends will be getting in on the action as well and nifty cards that depict all sorts of facts from the tournament will be popping up all over the place. True Cricket fans can get their face painted by Google+ by uploading a photo to the network using a hashtag of ‘paint’ followed by your home nation with up to four of your friends to get your face painted digitally by Google’s auto awesome feature. An Englishman like myself would take a photo and upload it with the #PaintEngland tag to get my flag painted across my face. Many of these photos are featured by the Cricket Face Paint Google+ page and the #CWC15Fans could get your photo landed on the ICC website.

Big cricket fan? It looks like Google has you covered this year, and it’s no surprise that Google Now is at the heart of things once again, but it is nice to see them push Google+ interaction a little more as well as partnering with ESPN.