Google Is Going To Continue Making A Move On Self-driving Vehicles

Technology never ceases to amaze us. It's only been a couple of years ago when we looked at self-driving cars as a sci-fi concept, but Google turned out to be a lot more innovative than everyone else in the tech field. 2014 was the year when we saw the first prototype of the self-driving car from Google. This is an electric vehicle which has a very slim build and basically drives itself. It's a really tiny car, and the first mock-up that we've seen last year didn't have headlights or the regular car controls. This version looks a lot more elegant and it's pretty similar to the previous versions. It was legally tested in USA in one state right now which is California, so you might be seeing it around once it starts to pick up.

Obviously, it doesn't lack controversy. Despite being a huge technological advancement, there are people who disagree with the whole concept, claiming that Google's self-driving car cannot replace the classic manual vehicle. The auto industry might be taking a more aggressive approach and insult Google's self-driving vehicle because it's a threat to the existing market, and it's bound to get even bigger than this current build. Obviously, this is just the beginning, and the car does have some imperfections, but nothing too serious right now.

If we are to take a look at some disadvantages, it's mostly the speed, as the top speed is only about 25 mph, or the small build plus the dependency on electricity. You're not driving the car - it drives you. This takes away some pleasure for people who enjoy driving, but we have to admit that it does bring a whole new level of security to the streets. How far can Google go? Does the tech company really know no boundaries? Not only is it involved in the software industry and the mobile world, but it's also planning to take on carriers soon, get into the automobile industry, and even take on robotics. Things are looking bright, but is it a good thing that one big company might control so many things in the near future? Tell us what you think.

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