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Google Plus has come a long way since it originally launched a few years ago and contrary to what some people say, the network is most certainly not a ghost town. Is there more that Google could do to improve numbers on the network? Probably, but Google+ is an excellent social network to get involved in, and it's one of the best ways that we interact with our users. This week, Google has updated the networks mobile site with a Material Makeover, further expanding Material Design to their online properties and giving the mobile site for Google+ a much needed overhaul in the process.


In a Google+ post earlier this week, the Google+ team announced the new change to the Mobile Web version of the site and they also outlined that the stream was designed to be faster and more intuitive. I took a quick look this morning and I can definitely say it's much, much faster than the previous mobile web version. In fact, my stream loaded – complete with images and such – quicker than it would do in the Android app on my Xperia Z2.

This change to the look and feel of Google+ on the web could mean a few things; that Google is looking to push Google+ a little more, that Material Design is creeping out of Android and across all of Google's products and of course making it easier for those in emerging countries to get online with Google+. Hopefully, this new makeover for the Web App means that Google is rolling out Material Design to all of their services. Offerings like GMail are in sore need of a makeover and have looked the same for a long time now and a lot of users will welcome a fresh design across all of Google. You can take a look at the screenshots below for a taste of what Google+ now looks like on the web, and just navigate to "" to try it out for yourself on either a smartphone or tablet.

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