Google Confirms That A New Chromebook Pixel Is On The Way And Will Be On Sale Soon

AH Google Chrome Logo 1.4


Not too long ago we learned of a possible new version of the Google Chromebook Pixel that was in the works, the Chromebook Pixel 2 as it’s mostly being referred to by consumers, with the codename “Samus” seemingly being its in house term by Googlers. It showed up on the Chromium bug tracker which was our first tip that Google was likely working on a successor to the premium looking Chromebook designed and manufactured all in house. The Chromebook Pixel 2 may still be under wraps when it comes to knowing what it actually looks like, but Google has apparently just confirmed that it exists, so we know that it’s coming at this point.

Not only do we know that the next Chromebook Pixel is on its way, but according to Google’s Renee Niemi, it will be “going on sale soon.” Soon is a rather vague term when referring to the release dates of devices, software updates, software and apps, and generally anything associated with those things, so “going on sale soon” could be anything from the next month to three months from now.

Other than the detail that the device is actually on the way, Niemi mentions at the Teamwork 2015 event happening this week that the device is going to be on sale, but that it is also a development platform and a proof of concept. Further mentioning that Google’s Developers and Googlers consume 85% of what they produce in house, but solidifying that they do have a new Chromebook Pixel coming out and it will be on sale for consumers. There was no mention of price or specifics in regards to a certain date, but we do know that it will have the same size display as the original model. As far as other hardware goes, nothing is certain at this point in time, other than the fact that the new model will look presumably very similar to the first model, save for a few lightweight changes we expect Google to throw in aesthetically so people can see that it’s a newer version. Although a price hasn’t been given yet, we expect it will be quite a bit more than most other Chromebooks out there similar to the original Chromebook Pixel when it launched, which was $1,299 at the starting price.