Google Begins Rolling Out Mortgage Calculator Tool Within Google Search Queries

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Need a quick and easy way to calculate your mortgage, or any mortgage for that matter? Google will soon have a solution for you as they’re reportedly rolling out a smart mortgage calculator and wrapping it up into Google Search. Now this is something that plenty of users won’t have the need for, but equally there could be just as many users of Google Search who will find this to be a great tool. If you type mortgage calculator into the search query and then wait for you results, you’ll be greeted  with a panel that displays the mortgage calculator tool with fields for mortgage amount, interest rate, and mortgage period.

After you fill in these fields with whatever data you need to you’ll be given an easy set of values for the desired result of finding out how much your monthly payments on a mortgage would be as well as the total cost of the mortgage after the interest rate is applied over the time period that you specified in the calculator. This should be a wonderful and quick little tool to use for those who may be first time home buyers, or anyone looking to buy a new home and are looking for a speedy way to locate their monthly payment amounts.

You should be able to see this new quick answer pop up after you search for terms like mortgage calculator, interest calculator, loan interest calculator and others, although it seems to be rolling out to people in phases as I wasn’t able to personally re-create this new tool showing up. If you have a need to look up your monthly mortgage payments as well as your maximum loan cost but are kind of short on time, this should definitely make things much faster as you won’t have to jet-set off to other websites to grab a calculator to give you these values. As we stated though this may not be showing up for everybody just yet, as I wasn’t able to pull the calculator up so far. You can try for yourself of course if you have a need to calculate mortgage payments and who knows, it may be live for you.