Google Announces it's Paid over $7B to Developers in 12 months, Gives them a New Way To Promote their Apps

Google Play Store AH 03614

This morning, Google announced that it has paid over $7 billion to developers on Google Play for the revenue that their apps have generated. Now given that there about 1 billion Android users, that means each users pays them roughly $7. Not too shabby. Still it’s behind Apple’s App Store, but to be fair, they did get kind of a head start.

In Addition to this announcement, Google is introducing search ads on Google Play. So developers can help improve their discoverability of their app through an ad. Similar to what you see on Amazon, for instance if you search for the “HTC One M8” you’ll see a big banner at the top for Samsung’s devices. App discovery is a big role in developers getting their app downloaded and used. For example, if a user is looking for a new icon pack, they aren’t going to spend hours browsing through the results to find something – well some might, but not all. But if you take out an ad for your icon pack, it’ll pop up right there at the top of the results. Which is definitely nice to have. In Typical Google fashion, it’s not rolling out to everyone at once:

“In the coming weeks, a limited set of users will begin to see ads from a pilot group of advertisers who are already running Google search ads for their apps. We’ll have more to share in the coming months about the expansion of this program as we look at the results and feedback. We believe search ads will be a useful addition to Google Play for users and developers alike, and we hope this will bring even more success to our developer community.”

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