Google Adds 'Carousel Of News' Feature To Make News Finding On Google Search Even Easier


One of the benefits of Google Search is that you can just about, find out, anything you want, about anything you want. The internet houses an almost endless reel of news, articles, blogs and the likes. However, such an abundance of information can lead to its own problems. For instance, you might hear some breaking news like the Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming with a whopping 8GB RAM or built-in sensors to let you know when your toast is perfectly toasted. You head to Google, type in those important keywords and wait for the results. Then comes the endless amount of links and unrelated stories surrounding anything to do with the keywords "Galaxy" and "S6", but not the ones you were looking for.

Well, to try and make news searching a little bit easier, Google has today announced that they are introducing a carousel effect to the way in which news articles are displayed. According to the announcement, now when you search for a specific item ("Oscars" is used in the Google example) then you will be shown the latest news posts in a horizontal display. You can them simply scroll through the articles without leaving the current position on the web page. What's more, is that the announcement (source link below) also states that this will not only be for news articles. Instead, it will also work for videos and so on. However, after testing, it still seems that the service is rather hit and miss. Some search terms work fine and display results as Google have stated while many others (most when testing) still do not seem to have converted over to the new format. As such, this may be a slow burning in terms of how long it will take for all content to be formatted over.


Either way, when checking for the news in the immediate future, you should expect to see some changes to the way in which the news articles are displayed. This change will also occur throughout your Search results and will not necessarily show up at the top of your page. So you may have to scroll down the pages before seeing any carousel content. You can check out the example shown below to see how the effect works. In the meantime, what do you think of the new feature? Like the idea of scrolling news? Let us know your thoughts.


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