Glu Mobile Announce They Will Be Partnering Up With Katy Perry For New Android Game


If you are into Android gaming then you will know how good some games can be. Not to mention you will also know how much money game developers can rake in from smartphone games. If you are not into gaming, then you will probably find it quite difficult to comprehend how much revenue smartphone games can generate. The numbers becomeĀ even more mind boggling when you combine an Android game with a global icon. Take Kim Kardashian, for instance. Kim teamed up with developers Glu Mobile to bring their Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game to Android and it sold bucketloads. To put the figures into perspective, during the fourth quarter of last year (November), Glu Mobile released their quarterly reports detailing that the Kim Kardashian game had managed to pull in $43.4 million. Now remember, that figure is only relative to the third quarter (July to September).

Madness right. Well, probably not if you are in Glu's shoes. That is why the news today that Glu Mobile have announced another new celebrity game partnership is less surprising. In fact, it seems to make perfect sense. So yes, Glu Mobile have today announced that they are teaming up with superstar Katy Perry to bring a new game to Android devices. Besides the announcement, the details were limited on what the game would entail, contain or consist of. That said, it probably does not take too much brain strain to figure out that this will be along a similar vein to the Kim Kardashian offering. In the Glu announcement, it simply stated that they will be using Katy's voice, likeness and personality to "introduce players to a digital playground of global success and talent".


In terms of when, the announcement stated that the game will be available sometime in late 2015. There were of course, no mention of the price of the game. However, knowing Glu this will no doubt fall into the freemium category of games and as such will be free at the point-of-sale. However, it will come with a ton of IAP's. After all, how do you think Kim Kardashian's game managed to generate in excess of $43 million in one-quarter alone? So, will you be picking up the new Katy Perry/Glu Mobile game when it lands? Let us know.

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