Gett Updates their Android App to Support Wear, Call A Taxi from your Wrist!

February 10, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Gett or in some markets GetTaxi, has just updated their Android App. It now supports Android Wear, so you are able to call a car from your wrist without ever touching your smartphone. Pretty sweet right? Once more you are able to rate your driver as well as pay them, straight from your wrist too. The update is available in the Play Store today for users in the UK, Russia, USA and Israel, so you can call a car with voice commands on your Android Wear smartwatch. Definitely a great feature for those that travel a lot. But that’s not all that’s new in this update, “including a user-friendly interface that enables a customer to order a car using voice-command, receive push-notifications on the driver’s distance and arrival, set a destination address, pay, and rate the driver all with simple swipe-and-tap gestures on the smartwatch. Further, the Gett app for Android Wear eliminates the extra steps needed to operate a smartphone, freeing up hands and valuable time.”

“Our goal is to deliver the high-quality experience our users are already accustomed to from their smartphone devices while furthering efficiency and ease-of-use,” says Ron Srebro, Gett’s US CEO. “The Gett App for Android Wear eliminates the hassle of a smartphone and saves time for our riders. Just by saying, ‘OK Google, call me a car’ a Gett car will arrive, making getting a black car easier than ever.”

Payment through your watch is done directly through the app, so obviously you’ll need a credit card or debit card hooked up to your account. But it’s really easy to do. Gett is known in some other markets as GetTaxi, which is basically like Uber or Lyft, but only Lyft has Android Wear support right now, which is rather surprising.

So go grab the Gett update from the Google Play Store and let us know how you like the app in the comments below.