Is This the Galaxy S6 in These Transparent Cases?

Galaxy S6 Transparent


In the runup to Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S6, it looks like we’re going to see a new type of leak every single day almost until we see the final thing unveiled on stage. So far, all of the rumors appear to be pointing to a design that’s an evolution of the design used in the Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4. With a device that’s set to be as popular as the Galaxy S6 is, it’s no surprise that we keep on seeing case renders appear that show off the overall look and design of the Galaxy S6, or at least what the Galaxy S6 could look like anyway. So far, we’ve seen case renders leak out from the likes of Verus and Spigen, but now there are some more generic case renders appearing online.

As is to be expected, these leaks have appeared on Chinese social media, and they appear to depict a similar Galaxy S6 design which we’ve seen a lot of lately. The sensors and flash are pictured once again to the right of the camera on the back of the device and the overall look and feel appears to be very similar to a Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Alpha. For a lot of people, that’s a good thing; Samsung’s slightly new direction with the Galaxy Alpha is a nice one for many. However, for those looking for a revolution in Samsung’s design, it looks like the Galaxy S6 is not the device they were looking for.

These case renders of course – like all of them – could be elaborate fakes in order to drum up business, but it’s unlikely the likes of Spigen and Verus would be completely wrong when it comes to case designs on upcoming flagship devices. After all, there’s a lot riding on being able to have cases ready and waiting for when a popular device like this goes on sale. These companies want to be the first destination for Galaxy S6 owners to get protection for their new device, and if these renders are correct, Verus, Spigen and co all look set for a busy first half of the year, indeed.