Features: Top 10 Android Apps To Help You Quit Smoking

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Now that we are well and truly into 2015 and all those flimsy New Year’s resolutions you made have not materialised you might be thinking about the real goals you want to achieve this year. If one of those is to give up smoking then there are a number of android apps which can help. Of course, none will actually be able to make you give up smoking as that is a choice you will have to make for yourself. That said, they can be used as tools which might make the whole giving-up process a little easier.

Stop Smoking

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Kicking off today’s list is a simple app with a straight up ‘Stop Smoking’ name. This app will specifically help you stop smoking as it is more of a retrospective app. Instead, this one will give you information to help motivate you to stay off the cigarettes. For instance, it will let you know how much money you save on not buying cigarettes. Not to mention, how much time you have saved which can be used for other activities.


Smoke Free, stop smoking help

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As an app strictly cannot help you kick the habit, just like the last offering, most apps are designed for emotional or motivational purposes. Smoke Free is no exception and again adopt the form of a smoke-less calculator In contrast, to the last offering, this one is more simplistic in its presentation, but cuts straight to the chase offering users information on how many cigarettes they have not smoked, how long they have been smoke free, how much money they have saved and how their health is improving. Want a simple option, this might be the one.

Quit smoking – QuitNow!

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QuitNow is another example of a motivational app to help quit the cigarettes and as well as providing you with all the standard information like how much you have saved and how many cigarettes you have not smoked, this one also includes a real-time counter offering you (to the second) applications since your last cigarette. Not to mention, you can share your success (or failure) status with social media directly from within the app.

Quit Smoking

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Taking a slightly more proactive approach than the previous apps, Quit Smoking is designed to help you slowly break the smoking cycle. With that in mind, this app offers a controlled and time-based reduction in smoking. The app prompts you when to smoke and slowly increases the time between advising you when to have your cigarette. Eventually, the timings become further and further apart until you are no longer regularly smoking.


Get Rich or Die Smoking

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Like most of the rest, Get Rich or Die Smoking is another motivational tool. As well as being able to record your usage and see results on how long you have been abstinent for. As the name of this one suggests, the focus here is on the money you are saving. As such, the app will give you great ideas of what you could be spending those saved cigarette funds on and also contains a chat feature so you can talk with like-minded people who are also in the process of giving up the habit.


Quit Smoking

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Time for something a little bit different. Quit Smoking attempts to do exactly that, This is another one of the proactive apps which apps to help you to kick the habit for good. However, this one is probably less motivational and a little bit more controversial. With this app you can install a variety of wallpapers designed to remind you of why you are giving up every time you look at your phone.


Stop Smoking in 60 minutes

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The apps so far not proactively helpful enough? Well, if that is the case then maybe Stop Smoking in 60 minutes is more for you. This app contains videos starring motivation stop-smoking speaker Allen Carr who looks to help guide and motivate you to stop smoking. This is a free version of the app and to unlock all the videos you will have to purchase one of those pesky IAPs. Hey, at least you can try it out for free first and see if it is for you, right?

Quit Smoking Habit:150 Reasons

150 reasons

This offering is a bit of an older app but still has its appeal due to its unique nature. Quit Smoking Habit: 150 Reasons is exactly that. The app contains 150 little snippets of information about smoking that just might give you the edge needed to finally give up the habit. Not to mention the app is rather well put together with nice animations. Old, but worth a try.


Ciggie – Quit smoking


Back to the retrospective smoking apps and Ciggie is another smoking monitoring app designed to help you identify your smoking patterns and timings. As such, you can count the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, comparisons over the days and weeks, see your average time between smoking and even levels of tar inhaled and life shorted. As the dev points out, even if you are not planning on giving up you still might enjoy at least knowing more about your patterns of smoking.


Quit Smoking Now: Quit Buddy!

quit buddy

Last on our list today, is Quit Buddy. As the name suggests this app brings to your android phone a small and animated buddy to help give you those extra pushes when needed. Looking for the occasional verbal push from you quit-smoking coach, then this might be the app for you.