Featured: Top 10 Wallpaper Apps for Android

February 26, 2015 - Written By Tom Dawson

Customization is one of the biggest draws of Android, and there’s no doubting that it’s nice and easy to customize a whole lot on your Android phone or tablet. However, it doesn’t matter how deep you go, you’re always going to need a good-looking wallpaper. Thanks to Android being more flexible than ever, there are now more great wallpaper apps than you can shake a stick at. Hopefully though, our Top 10 Wallpaper Apps for Android should have something for you.



For those that love Google Now’s flat, modern design of its backgrounds, nowPaper is the one wallpaper app that you should definitely take a look at. It’ll rotate throughout the day and has different wallpapers for morning, noon and night when used with Muzei (more on that later) and it’s an excellent well to finish off a Nexus or Motorola device.



Best Wallpapers QHD


Best Wallpapers QHD is a fairly decent offering if you’re looking to choose from a variety of wallpapers from all over the web. The wallpapers aren’t downloaded to your device, but rather fetched from the web when you need them and there’s little to no reason why you shouldn’t give this one a try. It might not be the most polished offering, but there are new wallpapers being added every week.


Minima Live Wallpaper


This is one for the serious fans of Material Design. Minima Live Wallpaper delivers an excellent array of blocky-looking colors and shapes that all fit the Material Palette and it’s a Live Wallpaper that uses moving elements in order to be good-looking, rather than just for the sake of it. It’ll work well for those looking for more of a Material Design look and feel and it’ll blend in well no matter which Android device you’re using.


ZEDGEâ„¢ Ringtones & Wallpapers


Ah, ZEDGE, the one Android app that’s been around longer than many other staples of the Android world. It’s an excellent source of wallpapers, especially if you’re not looking to obsess over every tiny detail. If you’re more interested in getting involved in a little theming here and there, then ZEDGE is a great way to go. Plus, there are cool ringtones and message tones available here as well – all free!


Muzei Live Wallpaper


Muzei is not your average Live Wallpaper. Instead, it’s a way to change your wallpaper at regular intervals and by default it does that with either the photos you’ve taken on your device, or from famous works of art. Things get really interesting when you look at plugins for Muzei, you can get packs of artwork from pretty much any of your favorite films or games, from Flickr and many other places. The best part about Muzei is that not only does it jazz up your homescreen, but it also changes all the time.




Wallmax is a relatively new application, and it’s one built using Material Design and with a modern approach on finding your next favorite wallpaper. You have the ability to sort by resolution, which is great for those rocking a QHD smartphone and the whole app is just a joy to use. It’s updated very regularly and won’t let you down if you’re looking for a more modern way of finding wallpapers on Android.



Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 50M+


One of my personal favorites, this offering from OGQ has been something I’ve been using for a long time now. The variety of wallpapers on offer here is nice and wide and this ranges from your everyday regular photos, to the more adventurous monochrome and artistic photographs. It’s a free app and has been around for a long time, so there’s a lot of photos on offer here, and this is one to find something a little different with.


500 Firepaper


This is one developed by Chainfire, yes, that Chainfire and it’s a nice alternative to everything else out there. Why 500 Firepaper is so different is because it’s exclusively using 500px for its photos and images. The photo sharing service has a ton of excellent and fresh photos that just look great on either a phone or tablet and Chainfire’s app here is free, and regularly updated, making it a surefire way to keep your Android device fresh for some time to come.



Premium Wallpapers HD


Premium Wallpapers HD is one of the better apps that I’ve used for actually discovering new content. Rather than having an obtuse search menu or something like that, there are over 25 categories that are neatly separated and it’s really easy to see just how popular one wallpaper is over another. A decent offering that’s well polished, Premium Wallpapers HD lives up to its name.



Wallpaper HD Plus


Wallpaper HD Plus is a fairly simple affair and while it doesn’t boast as large a library as others, it has a pretty wide array of content to choose from and it’s well worth taking a look at. If you’re the type of person has a lot of different interests, then you might just find that this is the one app to cater for all of those.