Featured: Top 10 Valentine's Day Apps For Android



IBotta can help you plan the perfect Valentine's Day by giving you access to things like movie tickets, special deals on dinner, wine, champagne and whatever else you might to set up a romantic date, all while getting back rebates and cash on purchases so you get some money back in your pocket during the process.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Red Stamp CardsRed Stamp Cards

Everyone knows that making something can be a better solution than buying something when it comes to gifts. This doesn't have to exclude cards, and if you want to give something from the heart you can make a Valentine's Day card using Red Stamp Cards which shows you cared enough to put some time into creating something special for that special someone.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


We covered Couple some months back in a list of Top 10 dating apps, and we think it applies fairly well here too. Some of the best features of Couple allow you to take and save photos in a shared tab within the app so you and your girl or guy can keep them as shared memories. Use it to take pics of the Valentine's Day outing and look back them at them later.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1



It may be kind of cliche, but flowers are still a great addition to Valentine's Day if your significant other loves flowers, and let's be honest, flowers can be a pretty sweet gesture. The 1-800-flowers app lets you order easily and quickly and from now at least through Valentine's Day you can have them sent same day, so it could work even in a pinch if this is your last minute add.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


This isn't directly related to Valentine's Day but you might be able to stumble upon a great deal that could end up being a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. Groupon offers awesome deals on all kinds of stuff, so look for a deal on an awesome dinner night out, a relaxing spa day for your significant other, or anything you think they might appreciate, and save some cash in the process.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


Hey, there's no shame in being single, and if you happen to be alone this Valentine's Day, chances are you are far from being the only one near you that doesn't have a date to spend the day with. If that's the case, try your luck on Tinder and you just might find someone who is looking for a companion.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1



Reserve Inc. can be a great app if you're planing a special night out and you want to ensure that you get a seat, or, the best seat in the house. Rserve Inc. also promises a more refined dining experience from reserving your dinner table to even taking care of your check payment. It's only supported in a few cities, but if you live in San Francisco, Boston, New York City, or L.A., this one's a go and should be on your list of apps to consider.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


If you're planning to see a film as part of the Valentine's Day festivities, this is a no-brainer. There is honestly no easier and more convenient way to buy tickets to a movie whether it be a box office hit you too have been dying to see, or a romantic flick to either kickstart or cap off the evening.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


This is more or less like Reserve Inc., although there is a vastly wider set of support for OpenTable as it works in many different cities. Simply do a search for the place you want to dine out, set the details of your evening, and reserve the table. Placing reservations also earns you dining points which can be redeemed for dining cheques that are accepted at all OpenTable locations.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1




Perhaps your ideal Valentine's Day involves something a little more personal than a night out a romantic restaurant, and if that's the case nothing will show you care than putting in the time and effort to cook something special. ChefSteps can help you get everything right, down to the finest detail. The app can inspire a little creativity and encourage expertise, so if you've got some flare in the kitchen but want an extra boost, ChefSteps can help.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1