Featured: Top 10 Travel Apps for Android

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When you’re traveling, you’re probably like me and download a bunch of apps that you’ll be using while you are traveling. But which ones are the best to use? Well that’s what today’s top 10 is all about. We’ve got some airlines apps, hotel apps, and even a weather app here for you to check out.

TripIt Travel Organizer

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With Tripit, you are able to forward all of your itineraries to them using the [email protected] email address and all your info will be in one app. That includes your flights, hotel reservations and even car rentals. It’s a great app to have all of that info in one place.


Expedia Hotels & Flights

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Looking for a flight or hotel for an upcoming trip? Expedia is a great app for that. It’ll allow you to search and book your trip all straight from your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you can book hotels and car rentals from the same app.


Yahoo Weather

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Because you might want to check out the weather of where you are going before you get there so you can pack appropriately, Yahoo Weather is a great app for that. It gives you 5 and 10 day forecasts, as well as telling you when the sun will rise and set. And so much more.


KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

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KAYAK is a great app for looking for the cheapest flights, hotels and cars. And for flights you can even see the price for the trip you’re looking to book over time. And Kayak will even tell you if prices will likely fall or rise in the next 7 days. Which is definitely a nice feature to have.


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AirBnB has become very popular lately, and it’s usually popular for those that are going somewhere for more than a few days, where renting a house or apartment would be cheaper than a hotel. Although you can also rent cabins through AirBnB as well. It’s a really neat app, and great for travel.


Hotels.com – Hotel Reservation

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Looking for a hotel last minute? Hotels.com will help with that. It’ll show you reviews of each hotel, the nightly price as well as it’s normal price and any last minute deals if applicable. Which is a pretty big deal.



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Uber lets you search for and reserve a ride any time you need almost like you have your own private driver, and it’s available in most cities and countries at this point. You can just open up the app on your phone and call a driver, it’s that simple. You can also use it to estimate how much a fare will be from one place to another. Which is definitely helpful.



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Like Uber, Lyft is a great app for calling a car to come pick you up and drop you off somewhere. It’s great for when you’re in an area that is unfamiliar to you. You can call the car, as well as see how close they are and pay through the app, so you never have to give your driver cash, nor talk to them.


Fly Delta

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Flying Delta Air Lines? Well then this app is a must have. It’ll allow you to view your flight information, show your boarding pass, and so much more. It also works with Android Wear, so you can scan your boarding pass from your watch. Which is actually really slick. You are also able to book flights, and reschedule flights (the app will even alert you if your flight has been delayed and ask you if you want to re-book).


United Airlines

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If you’re flying on United Airlines, this is a must have. It’ll pop up with your boarding pass when you’re within 24 hours of your flight taking off. You can also get up to date info on gates and flight times through the app. Additionally, you are able to go ahead and book flights and even change them through the app. Which is also a nice set of features.