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Keeping up-to-date with everything that is going on in your work and personal life, has never been more important. With smartphones now allowing for a number of third-party app and service support, calendar apps are a great tool to make sure not only you know where you will be on a certain day, but also know (and have) everything you need for those meetings, play dates and appointments. If you are in the market for a good calendar app then you should take a couple of minutes to check out these ten calendar apps for android.

aCalendar - Android Calendar

Starting off today's calendar options is aCalendar and this is one of the more popular and well-known calendar apps available. The app has been around for some time now but it still one to keep up with. The app offers a good degree of functionality including very flexible recurrences for those that have a less than predictable schedule.

Jorte Calendar & Organiser

From one well-known option to another, Jorte Calendar is an extremely popular app download and as such many readers will have already used this one. That said, for those that have not, this app is great if you want a more customized calendar experience. Not to mention it comes with some neat features too, like a countdown feature which keeps you updated on how many days you have left until that special event you have bookmarked.

Business Calendar

With a name like Business Calendar, it probably won't be too surprisingly to know that this one cuts straight to the chase. If you are looking for a highly functional option then this might be the one to go for. This app will incorporate all your work and play appointments and display them based on colour and type-relevance. Great app to get the job done, albeit a little basic in style.

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets

If 'function' is the word of the day then DigiCal is another option to think about. This calendar app is extremely intuitive and incorporated information from a variety of sources offering you a richer event planning experience. Compatible with Google Now and using location-based information, not only will you know when and where your meeting is, but also how to get there.

To-Do Calendar Planner

To-Do Calendar reverts much back to an organizer era. As well as looking like a colourful and carefully planned diary, this app offers more of a personalized than flamboyant experience. To-Do allows for the incorporation of Maps, images, personal goals and file attachments. Great option for those that want a more organised approach to their calendars.

Cute Calendar Free

While calendars can seem sometimes a little boring, this app looks to inject a serious amount of cuteness into your calendar life. That said, you should not let the cuteness distract you from how functional this one is. The app allows for all the customization would expect, plus the ability to sync with your cloud services.

Coletto calendar~Cute diary

If the cuteness factor seems appealing, then you also might want to consider giving Coletto calendar a try. Like the last offering, this one looks to seriously cutify your calendar but adds an extra level of personalization by adopting more of a handwritten approach. Once again, don't let the cuteness fool you. This is a highly effective organiser.

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise is another big hitter in the calendar world and is a firm favorite among users. The app is stylish and yet highly functional and allows for effective third party integration. It is also worth noting that this app was very recently picked up by Microsoft. So if you already use a number of Microsoft products you might want to give this one a try. Who knows what new features Microsoft have planned for Sunrise.

Endless Calendar

While some of us find it hard to plan for the rest of the day, there are those out there who seem to have their entire life planned out. If the latter sounds like you, then Endless Calendar is the calendar for you. This calendar offers the ability to schedule your life for the foreseeable future. Great for those who seriously need to plan well in advance.

Google Calendar

Of course, an android calendar app list would not be complete without Google's own Google Calendar. Adopting Material Design at its very heart, this app will incorporate all your data from all your Google apps (as well as the non-Google apps which offer compatibility) and keep you up-to-date in all areas of your life. If you like Google Now then this is the app to try.

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