Featured: Top 10 Calculator Apps For Android

February 5, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Calculator are one of the staples of the app world and virtually every smartphone on the market will come with one built-in. As a result, gone are the days when you need to go out and spend your hand earned money on a real calculator. That said, you might want a calculator that is a bit more ‘you’ and not really the stock one that came with your device. Maybe you want more of a scientific calculator or a more colorful one. Whatever your needs there is now a calculator app to fulfill them. To save you some time looking we have put together a quick list of ten calculator apps worth a download.

Calculator Plus Free

calci_ator plus

Starting today’s list off is a bit of a crowd favorite when it comes to calculator apps. Calculator Plus is a lightweight option which is also rather easy on the eye. The Calculator looks simple but don’t let that full you as it comes with some really handy features like the ability to cut and paste and a memory which claims to remember all your calculations.

Fraction Calculator Plus Free

fraction plus

You might have already guessed from the name that this calculator offering actually comes from the same developers as the last one. It does. However, the difference with this one is that it comes with much more of a focus on fractions and as such is great for homework, cooking and all your fraction-based calculations.

Graphing Calculator by Mathlab

graphing calculator

Moving right along, this calculator option by Mathlab is designed to be a bit more serious than the last two options and offers its users a more traditional scientific calculator service. As such, you should expect with this one all the features you would want from a math-based calculator including algebra, trigonometry and hyperbolic functions. This is a free version and you do need an internet connection for the free one to function. If you upgrade to pro then you get the ability to use offline and can say goodbye to the adverts.

Cami Calculator


Those who can remember back to the good old times before smartphones will certainly remember Casio. They did three things great. They made great watches, great calculators and the best calculator watches (remember them) you can buy. This app is not made by Casio but at least does give your calculator an old-school Casio look and feel.

Office Calculator Free


Speaking of old-school, if you ever did your own taxes or worked in an office before smartphones were about then you will certainly remember the office calculator. Well, if Casio was not really your thing, but crunching numbers was then this is the app for you. Turn your on-screen calculator into an office calculator.

Classic Calculator


Continuing the retro trend, if you do want a calculator app but don’t want any of the gimmicky Casio or office based options and instead yearn for your old traditional scientific calculator look then this app is the one for you. Classic calculator gives you all the functions of a fully traditional scientific calculator along with a very realistic look. There are also a number of skins available through the app so you probably will be able to find the one that you used to use.

Handyman Calculator


Stepping away from the more traditional uses of calculators, Handyman Calculator offers users a calculator with a difference. This one is designed to help you convert a number of different measurements, from metric to imperial, electricity, fractions and so on. Not forgetting, it does also provide the standard calculator functions you would want.

Calculator Kitty FREE


Need a calculator with a bit more heart and a bit cuter? Then this is the one for you. If your calculator app typically looks too boring, then Calculator Kitty will brighten up the look and feel of yours with a number of cute cats to choose from. Not forgetting the cute cat sounds this one makes too. Don’t worry, you can turn the sounds off if you want to.

Love calculator


OK, this one is not for the serious calculator looking folk out there. That said, if you want to have a bit of fun and calculate whether someone is the one for you then Love calculator is here to help. Reminiscent of the paper-based games from school, this one will once again help you decide if that guy or girl is right for you to an almost impossibly incorrect level of accuracy.

HP67 Calculator


Closing out the list today is the granddaddy of all electronic calculators. The HP67 was launched back in the 70’s by Hewlett Packard and played its part in the evolution of calculators in general. Now you can truly relive a classic (Some might say, ultimate) calculator on your smartphone.